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Our mission is to give you the gift of time by providing high quality, eco-friendly cleaning services. We create customized cleaning packages based on your individual needs.

Voila! Cleaning is a Social Enterprise that was created in 2012 by The Learning Exchange. Voila! started as a way to employ and train individuals that were accessing programming at The Learning Exchange and has grown from a primarily residential cleaning company to include commercial clients in Saint John and surrounding area. Our mission is to train and employ individuals transitioning to work while providing environmentally friendly cleaning services. We make all of our environmentally friendly cleaning products in house and all products are available for purchase through The Learning Exchange. 


All profits generated from the use of our services go back into funding our education and training programs here at the Learning Exchange. Your decision to choose Voila! directly benefits not only the health of your household and business, but our community as a whole.


Training and employing individuals to help in the transition to work

Environmentally responsible and Eco-friendly cleaning products


Our amazing Voila! cleaning staff is comprised of graduates of our academic and employment programs. Leadership positions within the company are held by individuals who showed outstanding work while working or training with Voila! All of our employees are bondable and experienced cleaners who have participated in intensive on-the-job training. As the company continues to grow, it allows us to employ and train more people at a fair wage. 


Registered Incorporated business owned by the Saint John Learning Exchange

We are the ONLY triple bottom line cleaning business in New Brunswick

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