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Residential Cleaning

We offer multi-layer cleaning, tidying and organizing on a one-time, occasional or regularly scheduled (weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly) basis. Our mission is to give you the gift of time by providing high quality, ecofriendly home cleaning services. We create customized cleaning packages based on your individual needs.

Voila’s pricing is based on square footage, the type of cleaning, the frequency, and the client’s budget. Depending on the individual client’s need and budget there are a few things we ask our clients to consider. If you are looking to have an in-depth cleaning while staying with-in your budget, we recommend you pick-up or put away any clothing, toys, dishes, Etc.

Deep Cleans


Deep cleaning goes beyond regular cleaning to get rid of all the deep dirt, dust, soap scum and other grime around your home. In comparison to a regular clean, deep cleans are a more thorough service with a lot of detail work. During deep cleans, we pay attention to the places in your home that tend to go unnoticed. Cleaning tasks such as wiping down the exterior of kitchen cupboards, cleaning individual stair spindles, dusting light fixtures, and washing interior windows are a few examples of the tasks included in a deep cleaning service.

What's included in Deep Cleans

Move In & Move Out Cleans


The expectation with move in/move out cleans is that the home will be completely empty. This includes removing all furniture, as well as clearing all items from the inside of large appliances,  cupboards and closets prior to your clean. If large appliances are not on sliders or wheels, we ask the customer to pull these items away from the wall so we do not inadvertently harm the floor. The biggest misconception surrounding a move in/move out clean is that because it’s empty, the cleaning will go faster. This is not the case. When a house is empty, this is when all dirt and scuffs are exposed. This rarely involves a simple wipe for all to be
suddenly clean. Rather, we often have to “wipe” multiple times - with extra arm grease - to remove years of untouched dirt, oil spatters, hidden bugs, and long-forgotten spills.

What's included in Move In & Out Cleans

Regular Scheduled Cleans


A regular clean is scheduled after a client’s initial clean and/or deep clean, once our staff have been able to evaluate the cleanliness of the home, the workload required and the expectations for each client’s home. Regular cleaning is intended for maintenance purposes, to help support a good level of cleanliness for the areas and surfaces that are utilized on a frequent basis. Essential cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and disinfecting  surfaces are examples of some of the cleaning tasks that are completed in a regular clean.

What's included in Regular Cleans

Initial & One Time Cleans


Initial or one time cleans often require additional time and effort due to the accumulation of old dirt, dust and grime. Every home is different and unique, and in some cases these types of clean can take anywhere from 2-4 times longer than a regular maintenance clean. Clients who have their home professionally cleaned on a recurring basis typically do not require as much time or effort to maintain the cleanliness of the home.

What's included in Initial & One Time Cleans

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