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Can Voila! remove my recycling?

Unfortunately, we do not offer recycling removal services.

Can Voila remove my garbage?

Our cleaners will empty garbage bins inside the home, only if the client has specified a place for the garbage to be stored. Voila! will not remove any garbage from your property. Please advise our cleaning manager of your garbage storage location and of the location of additional trash bags.

Can I pick the day of the week for my scheduled clean?

We understand that our clients may have preferred days for scheduled cleans due to a variety of reasons. We will do our best to accommodate your requested day of the week, although we cannot guarantee depending on our current schedule. We ask our clients to be flexible to ensure uninterrupted cleaning services, especially on week’s that contain holiday’s. 


What time will the cleaners arrive to my location?

We do our best to ensure our arrival times and schedule remains consistent. However, unforeseen circumstances do arise and may alter the arrival time of our cleaners. Voila will communicate with all clients if our arrival times change. 


Does Voila clean on holidays?

As part of the Saint John Learning Exchange, we follow the local school district for holiday closures. For weeks that include a holiday, we will compress our schedule to ensure all clients receive our cleaning services. Voila will communicate with all clients prior to the scheduled clean to confirm any scheduling changes. If you are interested in having a clean done on a holiday or outside of our normal hours, please contact the Voila manager via email: or by phone: 1-(506)-647-0504. We cannot guarantee requests for cleaning services outside of our scheduled hours. 


Are Voila cleaners bonded and insured?

Yes, all cleaners are bonded and insured. 


What if my pets will be home during the clean?

We are pet-friendly. We love your furry friends as much as you do. Please email or call us if you have special instructions or information for our cleaning staff in regards to your pet. 


Can myself or my children be home during the clean?

Absolutely. We do not require our clients or their children to leave the home when cleaning staff is on site. Many of our clients prefer to retreat to a separate room to minimize distractions for both homeowners/children and the cleaning staff. However, we are happy to do whatever makes you most comfortable.


I was quoted 3 hours for a cleaning service, why are the cleaners only here for 1.5 hours?

Voila cleaners often work in teams of two. If this is the case, we divide the allotted time in half as double the staff means double the cleaning work completed in a given time. 

How can I add on extra cleaning tasks to my scheduled clean?

Our cleaners follow detailed checklists depending on the type of clean request by our clients. If you would like to add on a specific cleaning task from our “Add On’s” list, please notify the Voila manager via email: or by phone: 1-(506)-647-0504. Requests for additional tasks cannot be guaranteed and are dependent on schedule availability. Please see the attached list to review the additional cleaning tasks that Voila can offer. 


What kind of cleaning products does Voila use?

We are fortunate to have many of our cleaning products created and tested in house by students at the Saint John Learning Exchange. These products include: all-purpose cleaner, heavy duty scrub, cleaning paste, and glass cleaner. 


Can Voila use my personal cleaning products or equipment instead?

Absolutely. We ask that clients specify the product, product location, and usage for any personal cleaning products that our clients would prefer us to use by communicating with the Voila manager via email: or by phone: 1-(506)-647-0504, prior to your scheduled clean. 


Does Voila offer wall washing to remove cigarette smoking stains or smells?

No, unfortunately we do not offer wall washing for this purpose. 


What is the difference between a regular clean, initial clean, and a deep clean?

Please see our website for detailed descriptions and checklists for each type of cleaning service offered by Voila. 

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